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Hi, hello, and thanks for visiting my website! As promised by the page name, here are some facts “about” me. 
I am a Brooklyn-based writer, currently working on my first novel, AMERICAN-AMERICAN, which explores themes of identity, sexuality, and mental health.
I’m also a practicing attorney, which my brother and I joke makes me the poster child for the doctor-or-lawyer dichotomy often generously presented to children of immigrants. 
I’ve always been a compulsive reader. My grandparents eventually learned the English word for “read” because I wouldn’t do anything else as a kid. When I grew up and moved to a bigger city, I found friends whose own experiences as first-generation Americans and queer people echoed my own. And yet I never saw those exact kinds of stories in any of the books I was devouring. 
So I decided to write one.
When I’m not writing, I spend most of my free time reading, running (which I love and hate in equal measure), comparing my dog to an actual human child (to whom I definitely, 100% gave birth), accidentally killing house plants, and finding creative ways to store new books in my pint-sized apartment.
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